Welcome to iZog Adventure

Picture of Darren & Rebecca from iZog Adventure

Who are we?

Hi, we are Darren and Rebecca (Zoggy & ZogBecca). We share a love of travel and exploring the world around us and wanted to capture our days out and our adventures together to share with family and friends spread around the world. On our travels we discovered a passion for creating videos and decided to set up a vlog on YouTube and we haven’t looked back. We love creating videos on our YouTube channel!
We hope that by sharing our vlogs with you via YouTube you will experience some of our enthusiasm for travel and adventure and might be inspired to get out more too. No matter if that is exploring your local environment or travelling on bigger adventures abroad. We want to encourage you to Eat, Learn & Explore with us.

Why the name iZog?

Darren’s nickname at school was Zartog. Using it as an online username, friends started to call him Zoggy and the name stuck. So when deciding on a name for our channel Darren decided on iZog (Internet Zog). Shortly after meeting Rebecca, we became the Zogs.

Where next?

Our plan for 2018 is to buy and renovate a van to tour around the UK and Europe. Then in late 2018 we are planning a tour of Canada (somewhere we both really want to see).

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